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Safe drinking water in Nepal - News


Seventy per cent of our body contains water. Ninety per cent of diseases are waterborne. We usually don’t ponder over these figures but if delved into, they could be intriguing.

How safe and clean is the water we are drinking? Today, when people are conscious and aware about their drinking water, it is a matter of grave concern for those also who sell their water products in the market.

When Aqua Minerals Nepal Private Limited was established in 1992, there was hardly any player in the bottled water business. “One brand that existed at that time was Star Water,” recounts Sanjay Dugar, managing director, Aqua Minerals Nepal.

It was his passion and his interest in water treatment that brought Aqua Minerals into being. And for the last 13 years, Aqua Hundred has emerged as a trusted name in the market.

Getting started

“Safe, clean and pure water is everyone’s need. But how reliable a brand is depends upon how much knowledge one really possesses about water and other technicalities associated with the production and purification of water,” shares Dugar who himself is an engineer and loves to play with water treatment.

The technology

“Producing clean and safe water is not enough when we are concerned about our health and hygiene. How clean is the jar that contains the water is the more important aspect,” says Dugar. The factory located in Balaju Industrial State has an automated plant to clean the jars. The polycarbonate jar that Aqua Minerals uses to fill water is sent through a series of automatic cleaning processes that avoids any sort of contamination. “Manual handling of bottles to enter into the chamber could result in a variety of contamination and our automated plant puts all these fear factors at bay.”

Once the jars come back to the factory manual washing of the jars is done externally and internally. After that, jars are sent through a chamber where a high-pressure jet of water rinses the jars moving it into next chamber where specially developed jar washing solutions clean up the jars. “Hyperozonation technique is used to sterilize the jars and we are proud to be the only company in Nepal to use this form of patented technology for sterilizing jars after washing.” shares Dugar.

Why Aqua?

The water around is not as clean as it used to be some decades ago. Though treated to check any type of contamination, the rusty and old supply pipelines, discharge of chemicals and industrial wasters, vehicular pollution, sewerage seepage could render the water undrinkable. “According such things is though difficult but not impossible. The treatment we do in our plant helps us bring out the safest and purest water in the market. We believe in achieving success through trust and that is why we have always welcomed our consumers to visit our factory,” says Dugar.

The factory at Balaju has been visited by the envoys, embassy staff and has turned be a place to learn as well since student from various colleges have visited the plant on the sidelines of their various projects. “Drink sage water and be healthy is our motto and keeping our promise to provide clean and safe water, we have been dedicated to implement all the measures that gives us a feeling of pride that we are providing the safest water in the country.”


When Aqua Minerals plant was established more than a decade ago, there were almost no players in this particular business but today, more than 25 companies are in the market, thus competition no doubt is tough. “When it comes to quality, we have been compromised. The only thing that I am worried about is we have been cheated at times as some of the companies used our brand name to sell their products.” Dugar share his ordeal. It indeed is a matter of surprise to know that the brand name has not been protected properly.

Today, there are as many as four-five companies are selling their products with the name Aqua.

Another pause that the company suffered was when a year ago it was forcefully shut down for some time. “We landed up losing some of our major client at that time but these are part and parcel of business. We have pulled up our socks again and are coming up with a new and fresh campaign,” Dugar says.

Envisioning the future

“Making a good name is not sufficient, carrying over the name and quality for a long time matters the most,” Dugar philosophises. This is what nudges him to maintain the quality. Today, when Aqua has earned accolades for providing pure water in the country, it also plans to expand its market. “In fact, today pure water is not the need of a certain segment of people. Everyone craves to lead a healthy life and this begins with water. Though our product is sold all over the country, we are planning to reassess the market outside and again our expansion plans will be started.”

Source: The Himalayan Times, March 13, 2005




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