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Rafting on trishuli

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Still looking for that perfect family outing, or some ways to have fun with friends and colleagues?  Well then, get off that couch and make way into one of the most pristine rivers of Nepal.  Youíre never too old or too young, and you even donít have to know how to swim.  A short one-day-long whitewater excursion to Trishuli River is just the right way to unwind your life.

Located about some eighty kilometers west to the Kathmandu Valley on Prithvi National Highway, the scenic Trishuli River ranks among the most popular whitewater rafting rivers in the country.  Without a doubt, it is also one of the most popular in the whole of South Asia luring hundreds of paddlers to its waters every year.  A perfect combination of frisky white water and placid pools, the Trishuli experience is a great introduction to the exciting sport of whitewater paddling.

The Trishuli River, with Class II and III rapids, is considered a ďfamilyĒ river suitable for children as young as seven and even senior citizens who arenít afraid of a little water. But donít get the wrong idea.  Just because the river is suitable for families doesnít mean itís not exciting.  Just ask someone who has made the climatic Class III plunge through the main rapids at the end of the fifteen-kilometer course.  The falls arenít as long as it would be on a river with a steeper gradient, but they are every bit just as technical and fun. There are a number of outfitters along or near the river and in Kathmandu where trips can be scheduled.  A variety of trips are offered and each company seems to add its own personal touch.  All outfitters provide approved life jackets, one or more experienced guides and require rafters to attend a safety presentation before they are allowed on the river.

A typical program will normally begin with a car trip to the Put-In point, mostly either at Charaundi or Fisling.  There, the boats are inflated and the crew of up to nine people is given the all-important safety instruction.  Another few minutes of practice paddling in the pool drops and youíre all set to take on the mighty river. Once in the river, you realize that rafting is just as much about team effort as it is about water.  The rapids are even more fun if the team is able to paddle through the strongest currents.  Usually, the bends and a succession of several rapids and holes are the trickiest part but the synergy of a well-organized team is essential throughout. The river cruise will allow great vistas of the surrounding banks and hills and a spectacular view of the adjoining highway and the many suspension bridges and sky ferries called ďtuinĒ-s straddling the river at strategic places. Village children can be seen traversing across the river, more so if your trip happens to fall on a weekend.  And  there are other, more solemn sights, especially near Jogimara, where you can feel a strange vive of the many people who perished there in traffic accidents Ė A reminder of the great power and fury of this majestic river.

The Pull-Out point for a day trip is either Kuringhat or Mugling.  You can then enjoy a much-needed lunch at one of the many hotels there.  It will be a three-hour ride back to Kathmandu. In fact, rafting can be done year around on the Trishuli and it is also possible to embark on longer trips.

What to wear

For Trishuli whitewater rafting, all outfitters provide approved life jackets.  Most outfitters will provide a wet suit and/or paddling jackets during the cooler months. Itís advisable to wear a bathing suit or shorts and tee shirt, and secure shoes.  If itís cool, you should bring wool socks, a hat and sweater.  Watches and loose jewelry should be left behind.   And eyeglass should be secured with a head strap.  Finally, because the Trishuli is a cool mountain river, you should bring towels and a change of dry clothes.


Source: The Kathmandu Post, May 3, 2005

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