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Nepali women goes to Algeria

Travel report Algeria

After having flown in Business class in the Thai airway, Air France in Economy to Algeria. I cannot compare the service. My seat was on the last row and next to the toilet. It is a long flight about 10 hours from Bangkok (Thailand) to Algiers. All night I was disturbed by bullet flush sound from the toilet.

Though Algeria was going through a terrorism period in the 90s, it has developed quite a bit. Algeria is a huge country with diverse landscapes of Sea, Desert, Atlas hills and mountains and agricultural lands. To me, as a Nepali woman, Algeria is the developed country in fact classified in medium revenue country with about 1850 $ per capita, with large paved roads, tall new buildings, public lights, running gas into houses, clean water that one can drink direct from the tap and they never have load shedding. Market organized agriculture green house, forests of olive trees, date palm tree, apple, peach and apricot lands.
Algerian habits
While I am here typing this note, I can see the Mediterranean sea from the window, I can hear sea shore, see people walking along the beach, some are fishing, children swimming, diving between rocks, having competitions among themselves who can dive from the highest point and how deep one can go and how fast they can swim. Couples making themselves cozy in the corner, I can see many love birds here discussing future may.
I thought and heard from friends that Algeria is a Muslim country and should be very strict and tourist will have to follow lots of norms and rules and regulations. I find it different from the view of my own and other. It has both sides from strict Muslim in rural areas to fashionable chic girls and very hip hop young boys in the northern town areas, certainly influenced by European models and labor migrants living in Europe. There are fashions, discotheques, restaurants, bars, and prostitutes, everything one can imagine under the sun. Girls are beautiful with nice make up and nice body hugging clothes. Most of women wear long skirts, trousers with long shirts and pointed fashionable shoes but there are people who wear jeans and t-shirts, and semi off shoulder tops it seems ok. So as a whole it is 50/50 means both kinds.





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