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Teej festival - Pashipatinath nabij Kathmandu

Khokana - Newar village in Kathmandu Valley - Nepal

Report of schoolchild of visit to Khokana (Khokna)

On a warm and bright Friday afternoon my father and I set out on our motorbike to Khokna village not far from my home. The brilliant sunshine and the fresh afternoon air all blended perfectly in making my trip enjoyable. The ride was smooth although we encountered plots of ungravelled roads on nearing the village wel known for its quality mustard oil production. During the ride, I was mesmerised by the breathtaking scenery of the countryside. The vast stretches of cultivated mustard field, the greenery of the hills and the snowy peaks were very inviting and truly majestic.


Finally we arrived and it seemed to me that this settlement lived centuries behind time. I was taken aback by the lifestyle of the people. I felt that somehow the people of Khokna had lost track of time and transition. I think, it is not solely because of ignorance but maybe because of their love and concern towards their culture and heritage. The people of this typical Newar settlement undoubtedly deserve a lot more recognition for their contribution is saving the Newar culture and tradition.
As my father and I walked past narrow lanes and streets, I was struck by the poor sanitation and living conditions of the people there. Beside the lanes, there was open drainage and sewage. Street children were all smeared in dirt. Piles of garbage lay ignored. I think the people of Khokna must be unaware at such things. It was pitiful seeing the huge amount of dirt and the unhygienci lifestyle of the people. Although it is close to Kathmandu, I feel that this place is totally ignored by the concerned authorities.
Despite this grima condition, I had a peek into my own, true Newar culture and tradition. the beautifully carved wooden windows, door frames, temples and Godly representations really were an impressive reminder of the tremendous talent of Newari craftsmanship.

Every time we entered a street, it was like walking past the artistic and medieval civilisation which has so much to offer to modern people. As a souvenir of remembrance of our vist to this village we bought an old Tibetan lock from a local curio shop.
In my view, to improve the condition of the village, funds could be raised from the government, NGO's and other associated agencies to renovate and rebuild dilapidated temples and structures. The locals of the village could also work together to improve the sanitation and the general cleanness of their place by creating awareness among themselves. By doing so, the true beauty of such a traditionally rich settlement could be preserved and could attract a lot more tourist too.
At around five in the evening we returned home. Although the ride was chilly, I thoroughly enjoyed the visit. I learnt a lot about my own culture and heritage and I look forward to visiting more such villages during my vacation.

Yashawi Shrestha.






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